‘Sorry, not sorry’ Series (U-Z)

This series was made for ‘the joy of creating’. Enjoy a bit of silliness, it is utterly ridiculous. I have posted one each day for the last four days – this is the last one.

I’m sorry, I’m unusually unpleasant around unlawful urbanites.

I’m sorry, but I’m verbally vigilant against vicious vexers.

I’m sorry, I’m watchfully weary near warped weasels.

I’m sorry, but I’m x-tremely xeric around xanthous xenophobes. (X sucks)

I’m sorry, I youthfully yawn near yelling yielders.

I’m sorry, but I zestfully zap zany zealots. (Z is also difficult)

Well, you made it to the end. Thanks to those who stayed. 😂 You can uncover your ears now and as in my real-life, I’ll try keep the insults to a minimum.

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