Beneath the Redwoods

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In this vast world of giants, we at least can speak looking eye to eye.

Giant trees with deep roots dwarf us, but our insignificance lessens when we realise there is company beside.

Take my hand and remind me that I am OK at this size and those others have moved upwards over many years by stretching and struggle.

Reassure me that it’s better here closer to the ground where ferns and moss provide protection and a safe place for our heads to rest.

If I look up in awe and become intimidated by the giants towering so high above me, tell me to stop and look at you instead.

It is safer here beneath the Redwoods. It is safe here with you.

11 thoughts on “Beneath the Redwoods

  1. In my mind I will walk here with you any day. One day I already walked there with you. I also went beneath a tree that was drive-thru. What a beautiful surprise to know you’ve been there, too. πŸ’›

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