‘Sorry, not sorry’ Series (G-M)

By way of introduction this series was made for ‘the joy of creating’. Enjoy a bit of silliness, it is utterly ridiculous. I will post one each day for four days – two more to go after today.

I’m sorry, but I gladly ghost all ghastly geezers.

I’m sorry, I habitually hightail from harsh haters.

I’m sorry, but I’m incredibly intolerant around ignorant idiots.

I’m sorry, I joyfully jaunt from jealous jerks.

I’m sorry, but I keenly kick-out all kinky knuckleheads.

I’m sorry, I lovingly leave from ludicrous liars.

I’m sorry, but I’m momentarily malicious around maniacal madmen.

6 thoughts on “‘Sorry, not sorry’ Series (G-M)

  1. These are works of art. 🙏👌 That one about the kink kompletely kracked me up. But then I’m such a pleased-to-be-prude, in my propriety-preferring parts. ;))

    Don’t know how I missed this one yesterday… but happy to find it now. :))

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    1. They should be framed somewhere 🤣
      And clearly you have a gift yourself! Honestly, I think it may just be you and me (and I’m pretty sure two others) who will read these and enjoy them. But I would post them even if it was just for you 😘

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      1. I’m going to be blunt and say I’m dealing with some behind the scenes crap (again) at this very moment that is tearing at my trust in anonymous bloggers (ironically, since I am one, myself, kind of). But in spite of not knowing who you are, I will say that I think your “I’m sorry” pieces are perfect… and I’m sure many many more thousands or millions of people than just 4 would love them, and yes, they should be framed. :)) 💛 And I really love your writing. :))


      2. Oh I’m so sorry to hear that. These are perfect for you atm then 😘💜 Maybe just randomly yell them out whenever the need arises 😉 I hope you already know how much I admire your writing, it was what drew me to you 💜

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