Constant whisper

Sometimes the darkness blasts its way in
I fight against feelings of crushing inadequacy and uselessness in this seemingly capable world
I have to fight so hard to remember all the things I’ve learned
I have come too far to tumble backwards from this savage mental push
I tell the world that I am stronger than this, they never see the war
But to you I will confess…
In truth, my heart is constantly telling whispering lies, chanting endlessly,
“You are not good enough”.
I am tempted to believe her, but I already know my quiet reply,
“We’ll see”
I sound more defiant this time
Well done
The darkness abates.

4 thoughts on “Constant whisper

  1. love your defiance: I too often feel inadequate when I compare myself with others who have greater achievements, made more money, have long stable relationships but then I stop comparing and say, you, you are all right, and then I feel better

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